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     NaugaNeedles is now offers MEMS and micro-fabrication services. We help companies in medical devices, communication, pharmaceutical and other application to design, customize and fabricate their devices with significant save in time and cost. We can be your partner during the R&D as well as large scale production of your devices.We have access to a  fully equipped class 100 cleanroom facilities and highly knowledgeable experts, ready to put your new ideas into practice and assist you to make your prototypes and later produce them in large scale. 


Our services included but not limited to:

  • Help to design and make schematic of your idea
  • Customize process and development Monitor and control every steps and share with customers
  • Giving consultation and suggest ideas on your device
  • Our facilities contains:

  • Several deposition (e.g. Sputtering, E-beam, molecular deposition)
  • Photolithography
  • Wet and Dry Etching (RIE, DRIE, ion milling)
  • Metrology and Failure Analysis
  • Micro/Nano-lithography
  • Various silicon processes
  • Contact us:

    Tel: 502-619-5156
    Fax: 502-515-8170