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  Simple Geometry AFM Probe

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Probe resharpening

AFM probe High Aspect Ratio All Metal NeedleProbe (HAR-NP)
Applications: KPFM, EFM, C-AFM, SGM, SFM, Cell Probing, Force Microscopy, Trench Scanning and etc.
conductive AFM probe Insulated Exposed End NeedleProbes (EENP) with Platinum Tip and Special Packaging
Applications: KPFM, EFM, C-AFM, SGM, CFM in Liquid Media, AFM-SECM
STM probe Ultra Sharp NanoProbes (USNP)
Applications: Nano-Probing, in air and vacuum, Nano-Manipulation, micro and nano probe station.
STM probe Insulated Exposed End Ultra Sharp NanoProbe (EE-USNP) with Pt Tip
Applications: Nano-Probing in liquid media, cell recording, ion channel detection.
AFM bio probe Constant Diameter Simple Geometry NeedleProbes (SGNP)
Applications: Liquid probing, viscosity measurement, force microscopy (e.g. live cells, bio membrane)
AFM tuning fork Tuning Fork Based AFM-STM Probes (NN-QTF)
Applications: AFM-STM, shear force microscopy, conductive AFM.
NanoCantilever NanoCantilever (NCL), K as Low as 10-5 N/m, f Bandwidth 0.02-10 MHz
Applications: Mass sensing ,photon detection, force microscopy.
NeedleArray Array of Silver/Gallium (Ag2Ga) Nanoneedles (NNArrayTM)
Applications: Tip sharpening , lift-out.